About the Project

I started this porting effort to get to know the s60 platform (NOKIA smartphones) while doing something useful. So, surprised to see that nobody has done it yet, I decided to port my favorite open-source emulator: DOSBox.

I posted my work-in-progress releases on the VOGONS forums, and was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. When I finally felt my code was ready for public release, I decided to do so by starting a new project (well, actually taking over a dormant one) on SourceForge. My reasons for starting a seperate project and not trying to merge with dosbox are explained in my SF project application:

"- for the time being targeted handheld devices have limited resources, thus requiring the porting effort to be functionally reductive: major portions of functionality and code had/have to be discarded. in the near future the target platform is not expected to be able to keep up with the "growth" of DOSBox as it is evolving. the ultimate goal of the project is to merge into DOSBox as soon as the above considerations are obsoleted.
- the target platform demands the introduction of user interface functionality which is specific to it: t9 input interfaces, touch-ui interfaces, proper interoperation with higher-priority device functions. these are to be the project's main focus along with device compatibility, and code stabilization."

As soon as the above reasoning is obsoleted by the increase in smartphone performance, the aim of this project will be to merge into DOSBox (and exit gracefully).